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Artists Include:

Steve Dadaian, B Haan, Zachary Perry, Zoie Moser, and Tom Haupt

Released Halloween 2021

Issue ½ Cover A.jpg
Issue ½ Cover A.jpg

Cover A Front

Issue ½ Back Cover A.jpg

Cover A Back

Cover B Front

Cover C Front and Back

Issue ½ Cover B.jpg
Cover C Front and Back.jpg
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What is GOOD & EVILLE?

GOOD&EVILLE is a brand, a webstore, an EPIC future destination AND NOW A COMIC!!!


The destination phase can be described as Halloween 365 days a year, including a theme park, movie theater, convention center, performing arts center, pop culture store, and special effects school.  GOOD&EVILLE is meant for everyone to live/relive the best experiences the spooky holiday has to offer.  This concept has been in my head for years and my buddy Matt has helped broaden the vision on a grander scale.


Currently, GOOD&EVILLE is a brand, a webstore, a comic and a dream. All ideas need to start somewhere, and this is our attempt to take action and put it out to the Universe for our dream to become our reality.  Along the way on our journey to GOOD&EVILLE, we will always strive to promote some very talented people to showcase and offer their creations to the world. This comic showcases industry professionals and students who have dreams of their own in various art fields.  Please check out their websites and social media accounts to see more of their amazing gifts.


If you made it this far and are still reading, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for supporting our early efforts.  We are taking one step at time and we will consistently update everyone on our progress.  Please subscribe to our mailing list on to keep tabs on our progress, and please consider purchasing merchandise on the site as well.   Your purchases will help us manifest our dreams into reality. 


THANK YOU and we look forward to one day greeting you personally at the entrance of GOOD&EVILLE!




Michael Perez and Matthew Chadwick

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